Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Day Lilly's

Jenn is in Houston so I decided to update the blog to not disappoint all of our readers out there. As she has previously mentioned, Jenn has really started to like gardening, and to the surprise of both of us has really done a great job so far.

Right around the time of Lilly's passing some green leafs started to grow in our flowerbeds. Someone told us they were Day Lillies and that they would bloom during the spring. We didn't plant them, and don't know that much about gardens, but obviously we have really been wanting them to bloom. Well over the past week they have bloomed and are beautiful. We are pretty sure they are a little sorry card from God and we are very grateful for them.

I attached some pictures just for those of you that know that until this spring we have been pretty black thumbs. We are pretty sure the tides have turned though. Good job on the garden honey.


jana said...

How Special!!! They are so beautiful!

Crista said...

God really works in mysterious ways. The lillies are gorgeous.

sumi said...

I am sure God had those lillies planted in your garden just to bless you too.

I really have no words to say. Lilly is a gorgeous little girl and my heart breaks for you, that you have to endure this (temporary) separation from her while she is with Jesus and you are here on earth.

I am grieving the loss of our little girl myself and I know how it turns your world upside down.

many prayers and hugs to you,

Jenna said...

You guys don't know me, but I found your blog from a friend of mines.........Melissa Miles. I wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. I am looking through your pictures and I seriously think she is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen in my life. I hope that you will both find some peace and comfort in the days to come. I know that you will all be together again one day, but I know how hard it has to be with her gone. May Angels lift you up and may the Lord bless you and your little family to heal in time. She was so beautiful and I know she will live on in your hearts and the hearts of others forever. God be with you all until you all meet again. Sincerely, Jenna LInes

Anonymous said...

Wow Lilys just growing in your garden all of a sudden! That truly is a very beautiful sign from God. A miracle. Letting you know your Gorgeus Princess Lily is ok. Symbolises that Lily has grown in your hearts and that she is all around you!

We have a daughter Lilike. Her name means Lily in Hungarian. We loves Lillies. So we planted some Lily bulbs/seeds in our garden. We just love lillies! But we could never get one single Lily Flower to grow in our garden that we planted ourselves! The plant grew all tall and green but no flowers have ever grown from it. My children have pretty blue eyes.

But your daughter Lily has the most gorgeous and biggest blue eyes Ive ever seen! She truly was a very precious gift from the Heavens. God Bless you all!

johnnamarie96 said...

Thinking of you today...

Christopher Leach said...

Wow that is simply amazing... God works is such amazing and mysterious ways.... The timing and the types are too amazing not to have been sent directly from God... I think it is a way to let you guys know that Baby Lilly is up there and doing what God needs her for and this is a way for you to always know that God has his plans... All children are blessings from God no matter how long they are with us... And these pictures of what God has done will surely always remain in your hearts and minds as a way of showing you God is always there and has a never ending never wavering love... Be blessed you guys
In Christ
Christopher Leach

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