Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Day Lilly's

Jenn is in Houston so I decided to update the blog to not disappoint all of our readers out there. As she has previously mentioned, Jenn has really started to like gardening, and to the surprise of both of us has really done a great job so far.

Right around the time of Lilly's passing some green leafs started to grow in our flowerbeds. Someone told us they were Day Lillies and that they would bloom during the spring. We didn't plant them, and don't know that much about gardens, but obviously we have really been wanting them to bloom. Well over the past week they have bloomed and are beautiful. We are pretty sure they are a little sorry card from God and we are very grateful for them.

I attached some pictures just for those of you that know that until this spring we have been pretty black thumbs. We are pretty sure the tides have turned though. Good job on the garden honey.