Monday, February 11, 2008

Month 3

I am 3 months old already! My how time flies! We are having so are some of our adventures for the last month:

I love hanging out in my Bumbo Chair, it makes me feel so big!

Here are Lola and I hanging out. We decided we didn't want our picture taken anymore. We were having fun though!

Michelle and Bennet came to visit! It was so much fun!

Aunt Cyndi came to visit too. This is me laughing at her. I couldn't decide if she was crazy or just really funny! Aren't we cute ball cap/velour chicks?

I needed a nap after my guests left.

My new friend Baby Ian was born on 2/7/09. Welcome to the World Ian, I am so excited for us to play!

Here are me and my Mom. I definately have my Dad's eyes in this one!

Touchdown! I am taking a nap in my Aggie jersey.


Holly Green said...

She is getting so big! We need to have a play date soon and hopefully Lola and Lilly won't scream this time!

Sam and Mandy said...

Good update...what a month you had Lilly!!! I just love the a&m jersey...your daddy must be so proud!

Sammy said...
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Sammy said...

Holy Moly look at those eyes!

Holly Green said...

We had so much fun on our play date yesterday! Next time Lilly has to come to our house!

PrincessJoylynn said...

Oh My! What a privledge, I made one of the photos! Okay wel my hand made a photo! What great pictures! I hope my blog is as well put together as yours- someday!